Trident: Synthetic Spectrum Generator

Connecting simulation to observation

Code Features

Trident is a full-featured tool that projects arbitrary sightlines through astrophysical hydrodynamics
simulations for generating mock spectral observations of the IGM and CGM.

      • Accounts for ionic absorption features from collionsional ionization and photoionization due to an
        arbitrary metagalactic background
      • Adds spectral absorption features for all ionic species from Hydrogen (N=1) to Zinc (N=30)
      • Spectral range from ultraviolet to infrared
      • Optionally add a QSO background and Milky Way foreground
      • Optionally add random noise for arbitrary S/N ratios
      • Replicates line spread function and spectral resolution of major spectrographs (e.g. COS, HIRES, UVES)
      • Support for light rays that span multiple data outputs across a large redshift range
      • Support for all major astrophysical code formats (e.g. Gadget, Enzo, Ramses, ART, Gasoline, Arepo, FLASH)
      • Support for spectral output to ASCII, FITS, and HDF5 formats.
      • Built as an extension to the yt analysis code

Trident in action

Generating synthetic spectra from an astrophysical hydrodynamics simulation from Cameron Hummels on Vimeo.

We pass a sightline through a hydrodynamical simulation of a galaxy and build the corresponding absorption spectrum zoomed in on the Si II 1260 Angstrom feature. This uses the new Trident synthetic spectral generation code built on top of yt.

On the left, you see a 2D slice of the simulation volume centered on an L* galaxy at z=0.2. On the right, you see the Si II density and line-of-sight velocity of the sightline in the top two panels, and you see the spectrum centered on the Si II 1260 Angstrom feature in the bottom panel. In green is the pure spectrum, whereas the black channel map includes noise (S/N = 10), a QSO background source, and a Milky Way foreground.

The code is in beta.

See our documentation for how to install and use the code.

For questions about the code and announcements, please join our low-volume mailing list.

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