Trident Data Files

Trident requires a datafile to compute ion abundances from density, temperature,
metallicity, and redshift information for gas parcels. This datafile is a large
HDF5 table consisting of outputs of many Cloudy simulations assuming collisional
ionization equilibrium and photoionization from a meta-galactic ultraviolet
background. Only one such file is required.

The first time you load Trident, it will automatically try to download/unzip a
background datafile and place it in the $HOME/.trident subdirectory. If you wish
to use additional background files, you can manually download any of the files
below. Make sure you gunzip them after downloading, and place them in the
location specified in your config.tri configuration file as described in the
installation documentation.

Filename      Size      Description
hm2012_hr.h5.gz      296 MB      Haardt Madau 2012 Background -- High Res (Preferred)
hm2012_lr.h5.gz      42 MB      Haardt Madau 2012 Background -- Low Res
fg2009_hr.h5.gz      262 MB      Faucher-Giguere 2009 Background -- High Res
fg2009_lr.h5.gz      37 MB      Faucher-Giguere 2009 Background -- Low Res